Ireland Gaztelueta 2020 exchange

Primary students enjoy Irish experience

Gaztelueta is proud of its international character and vocation and always has been. From Primary to High School there are several projects and programmes which prove this.

Every school year around twenty 11 eleven year old students travel to Dublin (Ireland) to spend four weeks as Irish students. Along those days they are hosted by different Irish families that usually have sons and/or daughters of a similar age. During that time, they also attend schools paired with other Gaztelueta students, in which they work and learn like any other Irish boys. On Saturdays the group gathers to have some fun and see their friends and the boys tell each other all about their experience, getting energy to face the new week to come. 

Organised by Rockbrook International, the trip is a unique opportunity for the kids to grow in so many different aspects such as maturity and personal autonomy, apart from the obvious improvement regarding speaking after living in Ireland for a month. 

Last Monday the 2020 linguistic experience came to an end. 23 students made a safe trip home. Truth is they had a great time over the last weeks. After overcoming the first days (which were not easy), time began to go really fast when they started looking around and forgot about their homesickness and realised they could do it. That's a definite moment, when everything changes.

Having arrived on February the 24th, they were supposed to go back on March the 23rd, but the coronavirus emergency forced the group to go back earlier. It was a shame, but if you think about it, if they were all a bit upset to return, that proves it was being a worth-living learning experience.

Ireland, fare thee well and see you next year! We will be back!  

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