Linguistic Programme Ireland 2019

Linguistic Programme Ireland 2019

It tooked place last March, and like recent years, it was a great experience for all the 21 students from 6th year who bravely decided to go. In case you don’t know, what this programme has been offering for more than 15 years is the real possibility that a group of our students can live like Irish boys for a month.

Coordinated by Rockbrook International, each one of them was hosted by a different Irish family who lives all along South Dublin in different locations. Also during four weeks our students attended eight Primary schools divided in small groups, where they had the perfect linguistic immersion to improve their English skills. They learnt, they studied, enjoyed the culture, met new people and made friends!

Also, on Saturdays the whole group meets to go for an excursion together. This past edition they visited Croke Park, the famous GAA (Gaeilic Athletic Association) stadium, one of the largest in Europe; they also had loads of fun at the Jump Zone and the Aqua Azone (National Aquatic Centre) and they went to the Dublin city centre to acquaire some souvenirs and know better about this interesting country.