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Educational dining room

A varied and balanced diet is the basis of a healthy life and from this perspective we work in the school dining room, where balanced menus are prepared and we work so that the students learn from a young age to eat all
kinds of food.

Health care and education

Health, in all its facets, is something that must and can be cared for through habits and good practices that must be learned from the earliest ages. To this end, some initiatives are being developed, such as Fruit Day, in which
students in the first cycle of primary school bring fruit to eat at mid-morning on Fridays. On the other hand, tutorial sessions are organised for secondary students to raise their awareness of the importance of health care.

Healthy habits

The school works with different sports disciplines and instills habits that will be valuable at all stages of life to maintain what is known as an active life. In the same way, and given its importance in preventive health, the habits of a balanced and conscious diet are also worked on in a transversal way. The tutorial action plan includes awareness-raising sessions for students on the importance - for their physical and mental development - of acquiring healthy lifestyle habits.

"The school menu is prepared with the highest quality requirements in mind and is nutritionally balanced"

Begoña Garai
Tamar Nutritionist

"Sport and a healthy life promote emotional balance"

Fernando Sarrais