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Service-learning model

We promote commitment to others and encourage active participation of students in the improvement of society. For this reason, there are many solidarity activities in which students participate, especially those in Secondary School. Some are carried out in collaboration with entities such as Cáritas or Banco de Alimentos and many others are promoted by the centre itself, both abroad and in the surrounding area.

Visiting people in need

Secondary school students - in small groups - go once a week to a residence for elderly people in the area, or to a centre for people with physical or mental disabilities. There they collaborate in accompaniment work.

Food distribution

The Banco de Alimentos de Bizkaia collaborates in these activities on a regular basis. All students bring food, and high school students sort and distribute it. We also collaborate with the distribution of clothes and food from Caritas to families in need.

Solidarity campaigns

Students and families participate in solidarity campaigns organized for special reasons: situations of urgent need, catastrophes or others that are requested by international institutions.


High school students, through Aspanovas, go to the oncology area of Cruces so that the children who are admitted can spend pleasant and enjoyable moments that allow them to be distracted and rest.

Family Volunteering

School families prepare fun activities for children with disabilities. They also participate in food drives and other activities that can be carried out by the whole family. Volunteering is also promoted through the Alumni Association.


Students participate in solidarity activities


Outings to help different centres


Different centres with which we collaborate


Pablo Zalbidea

"At school we work on empathy in children with simple actions such as helping the little ones with their backpacks or asking about sick classmates"

Pablo Zalbidea
Assistant Manager