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Educational style

Our educational philosophy is based on personalized education and the importance of family. We work with an educational model that provides personalized attention to all students, so that each one can achieve an integral
development of their abilities and become a fundamental part of society.

PISA Report

A recent study on the factors influencing student performance concluded that the student's attitude (both motivation and self-confidence) has a major impact on school performance, this variable being greater than any other factor and, in particular, doubling the effect usually assigned to the so-called ISEC (socioeconomic cultural index). Conclusions, after studying the information provided by the questionnaires of the last PISA assessment, are conclusive. This study only confirms what Gaztelueta had been doing since its inception, with a motivating educational style that achieves significant learning in its students. The results of the latest PISA tests show that Gaztelueta is at the top of the table, ahead of countries such as Finland and Japan.

Affiliate schools

Gaztelueta is the first school promoted by St. Josemaría. In these more than 65 years of existence, schools have been emerging all over the world that have been inspired by the educational style of Gaztelueta.

Excellent results

External tests guarantee the educational quality of Gaztelueta. Gaztelueta officially participates in the PISA tests. The process is carried out by the ISEI-IVEI (Basque Institute for Educational Evaluation and Research) of the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government and the INEE (Institute for Educational Evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Science).