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Sustainable education

The school is firmly committed to respecting the environment and instilling these values in the students. The responsibility for the actions themselves and the impact they may have on the environment are worked on throughout the year in a cross-curricular manner. The School Agenda 21 represents an important educational strategy for sustainability and has become an opportunity for students to take part in the action plans of our municipality.

Take care of your school

Care for the environment begins with everything that surrounds us. During the course, through different activities, we work to make students aware of the importance of taking care of school facilities, using litter bins and respecting green areas.

Awareness-raising campaigns

We participate in environmental awareness campaigns and competitions. One of the major environmental problems in large cities is pollution caused by the combustion of fossil fuels. To make young people aware of this worrying problem and the alternative use of ecological electric vehicles in cities as a possible , there is the proposal made by students and teachers through the Greenpower project, in a pedagogically innovative way.


School garden

From the perspective of educational innovation and environmental education, the school garden for primary school pupils is a first-rate educational resource, since it allows active and cooperative learning to be put into practice, as well as the effective development of values conducive to the conservation and improvement of the environment.