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The official confederation of charitable and social action entities of the Catholic Church in Spain, instituted by the Episcopal Conference, carries out an important task of social support and promotion to various social groups in a situation of precariousness and/or social exclusion. Our students collaborate with several of their actions, such as the distribution of clothes and food.

Food bank

Banco de Alimentos de Bizkaia (BAB) is a private, independent, non-profit, charitable foundation that aims to fight hunger in the local environment. It works to prevent consumable food, but not marketable, from being destroyed and to make it available to the most needy people . Gaztelueta collaborates with them and, periodically, food collections are organized at the school, which are then sorted and distributed.


Koopera is a second-tier cooperative in which Cooperatives of Social Initiative and Insertion Enterprises promoted by Caritas participate and whose objective is the social and labour insertion of people at risk of social exclusion. To this end, it promotes and implements activities in environmental services, reuse and recycling, sustainable consumption, training, care for people and other activities that can help ends meet. The first link in this chain is the solidarity-based collection of products such as clothing, toys and household appliances.
The school hosts containers of Koopera to support some of its campaigns and for students and their families to collaborate in them.


Zabalketa, which was founded in 1991 by a group of Gaztelueta Alumni, works locally in Awareness and Education and internationally in Development Cooperation projects. The students of the school collaborate with many of these tasks.


IREKI, Elkartasunaren Aldeko Gazteak - Youth for Solidarity -, is a youth association for social promotion and solidarity, non-profit- making, and of social interest with a double purpose: on the one hand, to carry out activities in favour of disadvantaged social groups; and on the other, to work to spread a greater awareness of solidarity among young people. Gaztelueta students participate in some of its initiatives, such as visits to help out in social canteens and nursing homes.
The canteen of the Little Sisters of the Poor (1st ESO), the Charitable Institution of the Sacred Heart in Artxanda (2nd ESO), the canteen of the Rafaela María Occupational Centre in Zorrotza (3rd ESO), the residence of the Miranda Foundation in Barakaldo (4th ESO), the Aragoiti Occupational Centre for people
with disabilities (1st and 2nd BACH) and the Municipal Residence of the Sacred Heart of Aiboa, Algorta are the places where the students of Gaztelueta go every week.
In addition to activities for school children, this type of activity is encouraged in their free time.

Jaime Bernar

"Alumni have a deep-rooted social conscience for what we've learned in school"

Jaime Bernar
Zabalketa, NGO of former students of Gaztelueta

"To get a kilo you must go one gram at a time"

Luis Crovetto
Food bank