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Students must come to school in proper uniform. The collaboration of families is essential to achieve this goal.

School uniform

School uniform

JACKET: Dark blue, open, with a row of black buttons and three superimposed pockets. The school coat of arms embroidered on the top pocket.

TROUSERS: Grey. Not too dark, not too light.

SHIRT: White with collar for wearing a tie.

TIES: Specific to Gaztelueta School.

SOCKS: Grey.

SHOES: Brown or black, with rubber soles.

SWEATER: Blue. This garment is a kind of wide sweater that can be worn over the rest of the clothing.

Sports uniform

TROUSERS: Specific to the Gaztelueta school.

FOOTWEAR: Blue or white shirts with laces.

SOCKS: Sport, white.

BAG: Unified of Gaztelueta.

T-SHIRT: Specific to the school.

TRACKSUIT: Navy blue and yellow sports tracksuit with the school coat of arms. This garment is voluntary.


Both the uniform and the sports equipment can be purchased at El Corte Inglés in Bilbao and at Deportes Aitor in Leioa (Avda. Amaia, 22).

It is necessary to MARK ALL GARMENTS WITH THE FIRST NAME AND FIRST SURNAME and not only with initials.

"Not having to think about what to wear every day is a relief."

Diego Guzman
High School Student

Esperanza Beunza

"I love that my children wear Gaztelueta's uniform with such pride."

Esperanza Beunza
Mother of students