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We offer a balanced and healthy menu prepared in the school's own kitchens and adapted to the students' nutritional needs. We have a nutritionist who oversees the menus.


We cook in our facilities using basic raw materials, eliminating all types of fried foods, saturated fats, flavour enhancers, etc.
Some of the suppliers we select are organic farmers and the rest are meticulously selected and we demand the highest quality in their products.
We provide food for all students with allergies, intolerances, medical needs or any other requirement that may be requested for personal reasons.

Facilities and management

Our facilities are equipped with the appropriate machinery to make a healthy and natural cuisine, complying with all the hygienic and sanitary regulations required.
The students are assisted at all times by qualified staff from the school. These personnel are in charge of the normal development of the meal shifts and that a quality service is provided. The teachers are actively involved in this function.
We take care that the behavior at the table is appropriate, as it is part of their education.

Arantza M

"We make food with as much love as if it were our children who are going to eat."

Arantza M
Head chef


Miguel Trigo

"Cleanliness, adequate space and well-maintained facilities help provide an educational environment in the dining room."

Miguel Trigo
Teacher in charge of the dining room