The Association of Students´Parents (APYMA) collaborates with the Governing Board, with which it meets periodically. The Management of the School entrusts it with specific tasks arising from the aims that the Association has established in its statutes.

Among other activities, APYMA:

  • Collaborates with the school management in guiding parents on their responsibilities as the first educators of their children.
  • It channels the initiatives and suggestions of parents for the improvement of the work of the School, always respecting the autonomy of its Management with regard to technical organisation, teaching and training activities, and other functions within its competence.
  • Stimulates the collaboration of parents with Gaztelueta to achieve the goals set out in its Educational Project.
  • Encourages a continuous relationship between the families and the school, through personal contact between the parents or guardians of the students with the management and teachers of Gaztelueta.
  • Helps in the organization and development of activities that are complementary in the training of students.
  • Encourages family orientation activities, conference cycles, publications, etc.
  • In general, it promotes all activities that may result in the development of the personality of its members, always in collaboration with the Management of Gaztelueta.

The Association of Students´s Parents (APYMA) of the School issues a small receipt to all the families of the School in order to be able to take care of those expenses that it considers convenient for the accomplishment of its activities.

Board of Directors of the Association

In each General Assembly of the Association, the Board of Directors is elected, whose mission is to energize the life of the Association itself, giving room to all the projects presented by the Associates. It is responsible for carrying out approved projects and organizing cultural and sporting events.


Mr. David Ayerra García

Vice President

Mrs. María Zalbidea González


Mr. Rafael Téllez Moreno


Mr. Pablo Urrutia López


Mrs. Esperanza Beunza Santolaria

Ms. Adelaida Artiach González de Careaga

Mr. Javier Sanz Fernández

Mr. Pablo Serrano Rojas

Mr. Augusto Urresola Isasi

Mr. Iñigo Ibarra Sanz

Mrs. Carmen Romero Martín

"In Gaztelueta, large families are a priority"

David Ayerra
President of APYMA