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International Boy's Schools Coalition

International Boy's Schools CoalitionGaztelueta is part of the International Boy's Schools Coalition (IBSC), an international group of schools for boys that was founded in 1995. Educational experiences are shared and the connection between students from different countries is facilitated so that they can work on common projects. Hundreds of schools from more than 20 countries from five continents are represented, including Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Ecuador, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uruguay, United States and Zimbabwe.

Cambridge Project

Secondary school students defend their research work and projects in Cambridge before a jury of experts in the field.

  • Forensic Science Project

Science students are working on an international project on forensic science that they defend in Cambridge. They go to the chemistry lab weekly for a series of investigations, using forensic techniques similar to those used by forensic science to solve crimes. They analyze samples of soil, hair, fibers and plastics. In addition, they learn the techniques of fingerprinting, blood testing and drug testing.

Through a virtual platform of the IBSC (International Boy's Schools Coalition), young scientists share their results with students from the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan, India and Peru, among others.

  • ESAU Project

Social Science students participate in a university programme involving the creation of simulated companies (ESAU) with the collaboration of a professor from the UPV/EHU. The simulated company is an innovative learning methodology in higher education with wide international projection and development.

In this way, the students leave the conventional classroom to enter a company conceived, created and managed by themselves, within a market made up of more than 7,500 simulated companies from 42 countries, all coordinated by the EUROPEN INTERNATIONAL association.

On the one hand, ESAU offers students the possibility of managing their own company from the different areas that make up the company, so that at the end of the training action all the participants have managed each one of them, thus acquiring a global vision of the organisation and its functioning.

On the other hand, the simulated company gives the students autonomy to make decisions and solve contingencies of any company or institution, in a risk-controlled environment.

The final phase of the project is to defend your company in front of a jury of expert members from Cambridge University.

Official qualifications

Gaztelueta is an official examination centre, recognised by the British Council. Our challenge is for students to complete the school year by having acquired the official language qualifications. For this purpose, we have adapted the materials, methodologies and resources so that students can reach C1 level (Advanced) in English, in 2nd year of A Levels, and B2 (First), in 3rd year of Secondary School.

In addition, our students also prepare for the official Basque language exams. Our objective is that they acquire a B2 level of Basque in baccalaureate and B1, in the third year of Secondary School.

Students who study French from 1st year of secondary school can reach a B2 level by the end of high school.

Conversation Assistants

Conversation Assistants

You learn a language when you use it. That's why we have young people from different English-speaking countries to talk to our students.

In groups of two, the native speakers - coordinated by the English department - promote oral expression and comprehension.

In view of the good results, we are incorporating Euskera Language Assistants to reinforce the linguistic competence in this language.


Speaking Corner

In small groups, and through stories and games, Kindergarten students learn to listen and acquire the necessary foundation to master English in the future. Thus, naturally and from an early age, without even realizing it, they take their first steps in learning this important language. Students have the opportunity to reinforce the English skills they receive during the day and apply them orally with a native speaker.


Exchange Programme

Students from 6th grade Primary School participate in an English language immersion program, through a month-long stay in Irish schools and families.

There is also an exchange program with a school in Paris for students studying French in secondary schools.

Families who wish to do so are provided with the opportunity for their children to participate in stays of varying length in foreign schools.


Hizkuntza Eskola eta Kazetarien Txokoa

Situations are encouraged in which students can use Basque as a language of communication, through small txokos and other activities.

Student Forum

Student Forum IBSC
Every year, a meeting of students from different countries of the world is organized in one of the IBSC schools to study in depth the main problems facing today's society and to propose a brainstorming session and ways to solve them.

Luis Peña

"It's a very enriching experience to be able to reflect and share concerns with students from all over the world"

Luis Peña
Participated in the Student Forum held in Baltimore in 2017

Congress of Young Scientists

Carolyn Morton

"The defence of the results of the research work carried out by students is highly competent"

Carolyn Morton
Member of the Forensic Science Cambridge Jury

The Pitt Building

The Pitt Building

The seminar and conference building in Cambridge where students defend their projects.