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In Gaztelueta we work with an educational model that seeks personalized attention for all its students, thus, each one can achieve a comprehensive development of their abilities and person as a whole, which enables us to provide education emphasizing values such as commitment to improving society, solidarity, respect for others, care for the environment and healthy living, with a balanced diet and good sports habits. 

Since 1951, more than 6,700 students have passed through our classrooms. Many of them decide to maintain their links with the school through the Alumni Association, a fact we are particularly proud of. 

In all these years we have always been committed to innovation in education, and today we continue to do so with a learning model based on the teaching of the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), in an integrated manner and with an interdisciplinary approach. 

Languages also have an important presence in school life, with initiatives such as the presence of conversation assistants, the Speaking Corner and exchange and internationalisation programmes. As a result, more than 60% of all students obtain KET in Primary, PET in Secondary, and First and Advanced in High School. 

In Basque, we also place great emphasis on encouraging situations in which students can use it as a language of communication, through small txokos and other activities. English, Basque and Spanish are three languages that represent our reality and that students use at the end of their studies at school. In addition, in secondary school, they can also learn French.

Profesores implicados

15 A/P

En Gaztelueta contamos con un ratio de un profesor por cada 15 alumnos y las aulas no superan los 25 alumnos.

03 E/A

Tres entrevistas por año es la media de tutorias que mantiene cada familia con el tutor.

09 T/A

Cada alumno se reúne cada quince días con su tutor para hablar temas académicos y de los objetivos que se han marcado con sus padres.

41 A

En Gaztelueta trabajan 91 profesores con una media de edad de 41 años. La media de experiencia profesional es de 17 años.